Estate Administration

Losing a loved one can often be an emotional and unsettling time filled with a lot of uncertainties and worries.  Often the last thing on your mind is how to deal with their estate. 

If you are an executor there are a number of duties that you are required to carry out after someone’s death, and you will need a copy of the Will to do so.

If the deceased had a Will, you would receive a ‘grant of Probate’ if this is not the case you will get ‘letters of administration’. 

Our expert team will deal with you sensitively in these emotional times to ensure that the deceased's estate is administered in accordance with their wishes, if these have been documented, as quickly and smoothly as possible.

We will help you pay any taxes or debts and place a notice in The Gazette.

If property is involved we will help you transfer any deeds that the Will lays out, and will help you maintain or find some stability and security in these traumatic times.

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