Children - Living & Contact Arrangements

Making the correct arrangements for your children when you are in the process of separating or getting divorced can be hard to focus on.  Although many couples do manage to come to agreements amicably, many need assistance from solicitors to ensure the best interests of the children are put first.  This can also include variations to existing arrangements that need to be updated or reinforced.

Our family law team can advise and support parents, stepparents, grandparents and carers through these negotiations including in mediation appointments or through court representation if necessary.

We will help you consider:

  • Where the child will live and any appropriate division of time
  • The amount of time the child will spend with extended families and friends
  • What to do if one parent wishes to move away

Our team will always act sensitively, understanding that this is your future, yours and your childs.  We will try to resolve any issues amicably and as quickly as possible to minimise the period of uncertainty for all.

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