Divorce & Financial

The end of any marriage or civil partnership can be highly emotional and stressful often making it difficult to think or act clearly.  We are committed to working with you to find an amicable solution in a sensitive and non-judgemental way.

Unfortunately, there are also times where matters can’t be resolved amicably, and this is where we will step in and ensure that the situation doesn’t deteriorate any further.

We will suggest ways to help you both reach an agreeable resolution.  This may include mediation to help you resolve disputes over your children, finances, property, pensions, and investments.

We will always advise you to try and reach a financial settlement as quickly as possible and to avoid the additional stresses and costs of court proceedings, which will come out of the joint estate prior to its distribution.  Should you reach an agreement we will ask the court to approve it and grant a Consent Order to formalise it so that it does not break down at a later date.

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