Child Arrangement Orders

A 'child arrangements order' lays out where your child will live, when your child spends time with each parent and what other contact can take place.  A child arrangement order is designed to make sure your child’s best interests are considered when emotions are often raw.  We always encourage both parents, or care givers, to try to reach an amicable agreement as early as possible to minimise the stress and upset for all concerned.

If you are unable to agree about the arrangements for your children, we will help you should the matter end up in court.  The approach of the courts is, in most cases, to encourage parents to share responsibility for their children and they will consider the child’s wishes, taking into account their age and understanding as well as their physical, emotional, and educational needs when they reach their decision.

Our expert family team with act with sensitivity at all times to ascertain the best possible outcomes for all children within the family and will ensure that these are communicated to you at all stages of the process.

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