Domestic Abuse

Sometimes relationships that are breaking down can deteriorate into domestic violence or abuse.  One party may be verbally, emotionally or physically abusive to the other.  If you are at risk or harm and can do so safely you should contact the police on 999.  If you are not able to safely do so, we can provide a safe place to talk and consider all options available to you in a confidential and understanding manner.

Where domestic abuse has occurred, we can support you with sensitive and safe advice and representation.  We can put you in touch with specialist services such as counselling, refuges or the police.  If you are in fear of violence or abuse from your partner please call us immediately so we can act swiftly to protect you and anyone else in the household who may be at risk.

We will act swiftly and make an application to the courts for an injunction if it is appropriate and can help with mediation and counselling if this is an option you would like to pursue.

Above all, remember that we are here to help you and our team of specialist family lawyers will be there for as long as you need them to feel safe.

If you have been falsely accused of domestic violence we can also help you and you should also contact us as soon as possible so that we can take appropriate action to clear your name and reputation.

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