Special Guardianship

Sometimes, despite all the best efforts, it is not possible for a child to remain with their natural parents.  In these cases, a special guardian may be appointed by the Family Court to ensure the long-term safety and wellbeing of the child/children.  A Special Guardian will have responsibility for the day-to-day decisions relating to the child/children and provide the child/children with security and stability, putting their needs above all else.

The decision to appoint or become a special guardian is complex and there are many criteria that need to be met.  These will be discussed with our specialist Family Team on an individual basis.

Special Guardianship is not the same as a Residence Order which can be ended at the request to the courts of the birth parents but is a more flexible arrangement than adoption as it does not dismiss the legal rights of the birth parents.

This is a complex and emotive area of law that our specialist team are experts in dealing with.  If you would like to find out more, please call them on 01935 428885 or email the team directly

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